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Joseph Pilates developed the form of body conditioning he originally called "Contrology" in the 1920's.   The focus was building a strong core and improving flexibility throughout the body with fluid movements and control.   He started with the mat exercises and then developed the pieces of equipment we still use today; the Reformer, Cadillac (or Trapeze Rack), Stability Chair, Ladder Barrel, Arc Barrel, and Spine Corrector.   Joseph Pilates used springs for the resistance to maximize range of motion and connection in the movements.   STOTT PILATES® is the anatomically-based approach to Joseph's original method incorporating modern exercise science and anatomy knowledge.

STOTT PILATES® will help you to develop optimal strength, flexibility and endurance while helping to balance your muscles and improve posture.   All without building bulk or stressing joints.

STOTT PILATES® places importance on core stability and re-balancing the muscles helping them to work more efficiently. This in turn will help to prevent injury and improve athletic ability.

Pilates continues to grow in popularity. As we become more interested in prevention and taking care of our bodies, we all want to stay fit, flexible and looking great and Pilates can help us achieve that throughout our entire life.

Benefits of STOTT PILATES®:

* Builds core strength and stability
* Improves posture and alignment
* Increases flexibility
* Improves muscular balance and strength
* Increases endurance and muscular tone
* Prevents injury
* Enhances athletic performance
* Relieves stress and back pain
* Improves balance and coordination
* Heightens body awareness

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